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Here at Arizma, we seek to continually unveil eclectic yet fashionable collections all year-long, just for you.

Fulfilling your desire for variety is our priority. And allowing you to mix-and-match pieces from all over the world – to create the perfect ensemble of your dreams – is what stand for.

Between glamorous events, our travels, and sourcing for the most exotic of coloured stones and diamonds in jewellery, we’re usually quite busy. But find out what we’ve been up to and check out our newest collections below!

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Welcome to Arizma — Curator of Fine Jewellery

The Harlequin collection, inspired by the 16th century Italian Commedia dell’arte Harlequin character, consists of quirky, never-before-seen jewellery.

The fashionable diamond motifs worn by Harlequin emblazons all jewellery in this unique collection.

Each piece is crafted in 925 silver and plated with three different playful shades of gold — a representation of the Harlequin’s light-hearted, mischievous character. Brilliant sapphires add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the ensemble.

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