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Here at Arizma, we seek to continually unveil eclectic yet fashionable collections all year-long, just for you.

Fulfilling your desire for variety is our priority. And allowing you to mix-and-match pieces from all over the world – to create the perfect ensemble of your dreams – is what stand for.

Between glamorous events, our travels, and sourcing for the most exotic of coloured stones and diamonds in jewellery, we’re usually quite busy. But find out what we’ve been up to and check out our newest collections below!

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Welcome to Arizma — Curator of Fine Jewellery

‘Ari’ (Gold); ‘Ma’ (Mine)

At Arizma, we believe jewellery belongs to everyone.

As curators, we’ve carefully assembled collections for the stylish men and women of today inspired by our travels, art, and global traditions. With each piece hand-selected for its beauty, artistic setting, heritage and premium quality, you’ll only have the best to choose from.

Fulfilling our customers’ desire for accessibility and variety is our priority. Our online boutique provides a one-stop-alternative to individual specialty stores with a vast selection of jewellery sourced from all over the globe. Let us share our expertise in hand-picking only the most exotic items from our international travels with you.

Realise your dream wardrobe of sparkling diamonds, mesmerising coloured stones and luscious pearls with our curations. Be captivated by glamorous runway pieces or get practical with day-wear classics at your own leisure. From intricately crafted Tibetan treasures to rare Ottoman adornments – mix-and-match at your leisure from various cultures – to create the perfect ensemble of your dreams.

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Our Story

Arizma first began as a passion project by mother-daughter duo – Sangeeta and Nikita More.

Sangeeta, an accomplished professional in the jewellery trade and a familiar face in Singapore’s jewellery scene brings years of industry experience as well as an expert eye for trendsetting designs.

Her daughter Nikita lends an invigorating perspective while exploring fresh and innovative leads in jewellery design.

Together, they are leading Arizma on a journey that encompasses the lifestyle, fashion and culture of jewellery worldwide.

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